The Role of Emotions in Persuasion

If you are going to be using the mind trick of persuasion, then you are at some point or another have to dig down deep in order to allow emotion to be tainted in your voice, whether you are trying to make the other person feel happy, sad, guilty or angry about something else to motivate them into doing something for you or purchasing your product.

Humans experience emotions every single day, and we experience such a wide array of emotions too (a recent study claims that there are 27 different human emotions to be exact). These emotions are the thing that makes us alive, the thing that makes us do things that we would never normally do, why the eat, drink, work, strive, conquer, and even kill for emotions, now, while not all emotions are good, as sales men or manipulators, aka, persuaders, use emotions in order to get people invested in their product, when you are invested you are more willing to get involved in something or someone even if you normally would not.

For example, narcissism, the people who make up this personality disorder are masters at persuasion, in fact, they are so good at it, that they are capable of convincing someone else to even kill for them or rob someone, if they are that crazy, but I hope you are not looking at it for those reasons.

Although, befriending a narcissist is not recommended, it would be a good idea to hangout one in order to learn how to persuade people into doing things for you, even though their methods may seem a bit strange, when in a relationship, a narcissist is able to get anything they way, they are able to do this through toying with emotion, they use nothing other than facial expressions, mood changes and words in order to convince someone else into doing something for them.

While, they are masters at the craft, it was not intended to be used to hurt other people, but when you use those same principles in the business world, you will see that your sales start sky rocketing, but you have to make sure that you are using the right products for the right emotions, if you are selling a computer you do not want to make someone feel guilty that their current computer is crappy, but rather, you want to make them excited to go out and get a new computer, but not just any version, yours.

Anyone who has ever seen the commercials for the animal shelters will understand first hand what persuasion is, the company is playing on people’s emotions in order to persuade them into donating money to help the poor, sick animals.

And, you know what?

It works.

Getting into someones mind with facts is easy, anyone can do it, but most people do not listen to their mind, in fact, more people live by the voice of their hearts, which can only be accessed through the use of emotions.

If you want to become a master at using persuasion, you have to understand how people work, knowing that emotions are going to become your new best friend when you are trying to get someone involved in something, just make sure you look at your personal situation and ensure that you are using the right emotions.